At Yoga Shine, we recognize the unique light in each other. When we bring those lights together in physical and spiritual harmony, the energy we radiate can transform ourselves, our families and our community.



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This is our Guru Membership (our best value) for up to two adults in the same household. Jesselle (owner of Shine) and her husband love practicing together and find that yoga gives them anther way to connect. So get your partner on the mat and save!


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Arm Balancing Workshop

July 7th 3-5pm

Arm balances can be empowering postures that teach us not only about our inner strength but how to balance the tight rope of holding on and letting go. Arm balances will ignite your playfulness, courage and ability to create lightness in the body. Often students rely too heavily on forcing the pose with their strength instead of understanding the mechanics and leverage points of the poses. 


In this workshop I will take you through a light warm up, and then a series of drills that will make you stronger in your arm balancing. This is something that anyone who has wanted to learn arm balances should attend. If you already have a pretty firm foundation in arm balances, come, there is always more to learn! 


Inversion Workshop

July 14th 3-5pm

This workshop will meet you where you are today, giving you the steps and tools to build a safe inversion practice. We will primarily focus on headstands, forearm stands and handstands. I will share with you my tips on how I learned my inversions and gear them toward your special needs. No experience is necessary. 



Spine Workshop

July 21 3-5pm

From seated to standing there are many anterior bends in the yoga practice. Do you feel like you bend correctly? Does your back feel stiff or like it simply doesn't go that direction? Do you wonder if you are causing problems rather than healing your back? These are questions and concerns to bring to this workshop. 

In this workshop we will address the most common backbends you will find in a typical yoga class and we will make it possible/comfortable for your body. All of our bodies are not made the same and we don't treat them the same off the mat, so we cannot treat them the same on the mat. 


Prenatal yoga.jpg

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

With Jesselle Pena 


Saturday August 11th 3:00 PM

Connect with your body and baby

Join us in community, support and celebration of motherhood! In this two and half hour workshop I will guide you through the knowledge that you need to care for your pregnant body and how to modify for your specific needs in your yoga practice. This will give you the ability to continue to practice yoga in pregnancy and postpartum, to empower you to really care for your body. You will have time to share your journey with us, so that we can support you and guide you through this wonderful time! The last 75 minutes o the workshop will be a prenatal yoga class that will leave you relaxed. 


This workshop price it includes 8 additional yoga classes that you can use at any time during your pregnancy. You will receive a detailed schedule for recommended classes best for pregnancy and postpartum and why. 



If you are a member you can purchase the workshop "a la cart" for $40



Class Descriptions


Free Community Flow

Sun   4 PM

Those who yoga together stay together. Join us for our Community Flow which is a beginner's level vinyasa.

This class is free for all! Bring your spouse, neighbor, friend, even your kids (8 and up)! 

On the 1st Sunday of every month we meet at the gazebo in Nipomo Park on Pomeroy at 10 am


Solar Yoga

Mon, Wed, Fri    6:30 AM

Saturday 9:30 AM

Rise and shine in this empowering vinyasa class. This class will be a strong flow that will focus the mind and body through postures and movements in a warm room. A short meditation to conclude the practice will leave you ready for the day. 

We welcome all levels in this class that is geared toward building strength and sweating. You will have the option to adjust and modify the practice to fit your individual needs. 



Tues/Thurs    6:15 AM

Ashtanga yoga is a sequence recorded by the old sage Vamana Rishi. In this class you will learn the Primary Series of Ashtanga with Niccola. This is a set sequence of poses that you will repeat each time you come. This is only an hour long class so the end will alternate each day. This is good for all levels, however be prepared for a challenge mentally and physically.


Chakra Yoga

Mon   9:15 AM

Begin to unlock the power that lies within you. The chakras or "subtle energies of light" are subtle energy bodies that lie along the spine, affecting the physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Through asana, breath work and meditation you will connect with these energy wheels, heightening awareness and improve health. All levels welcome. 



Wed/Fri  9:15 AM

A Hatha class brings asana (postures), kriyas (purification or cleansing techniques), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (concentration) together. The intention of this class is to gently stimulate, relax and rejuvenate the body, calm the mind and connect to what matters most in life. Poses will be held for longer times giving you space to cultivate a deeper sense of being. 



Gentle Flow

Mon/wed/Fri 10:45 AM

Enjoy the fluidity of movement as you lengthen and strengthen the muscles. We will focus on stretching, lubricating the joints and linking movement to breath. New to yoga? Recovering from an injury? Balancing a vigorous practice with one that is a little more chill? All are welcome here!


Ahimsa Yoga

Tues/Thurs 10:45 AM

Ahimsa means compassion and non-violence for all living things. 


Ahimsa Yoga is a gentle yoga class that focuses on healing and stress reduction. Whether you are recovering from an injury, a senior, living with a chronic illness or disability, or just seeking a deeper experience, this class will create a healing space through gentle movement, breathing practices, meditation, and discussion of yoga philosophy. This class will use props such as chairs, blankets, bolsters and straps to make it accessible for all bodies. 


Luana has completed her training in Yoga for Accessibility at Santa Barbara Yoga Center. 


Slow Flow

Sat 8am, Tues/thurs 5pm 

Enjoy getting to know your body and practice more by methodically flowing into poses slowly and securely. We will guide you through the basic Sun Salutations while gently flowing you from one pose to the next, moving with your breath. This class is wonderful for all levels. It is one notch up from a Gentle flow and one notch down from a classic Vinaysa



Tues, Thurs 9:15AM

mon,Fri 6pm

Here we will dive into a moderate vinyasa flow, we will incorporate all levels. Breath and movement come together in this class to create strength and flexibility in the body and mind.


bhakti Flow  

wed 6pm

Emotional and energetic blocks can inhibit a person's ability to engage with their true self. It is like walking around with your eyes half closed, but still expecting to see clearly. In this class you will remove those obstacles by engaging that energy and allowing it to flow through the body using asanas and breath work. This will be a total mind, body and spirit connect.



Sun 5:15pm, Tues/Thurs 6:15pm

This class is for every body, but especially the weary and stressed. Come and stretch, rest, relax, rejuvenate and completely restore your mind, body and soul. This is the perfect class to balance out your yoga week. Allow your body to heal here.


Lunar Flow

mon/ Wed 8:00pm, Tues/Thurs 7:30pm

This is the perfect class to wind down from your day. A practice that seamlessly a combines movements and postures to increase flexibility and range of motion. This Yang to Yin style will help your feel easy in your body and breath as you let go and surrender to relaxation. 

There will be about 20 minutes of flowing through moon salutations followed by dynamic stretching and eventually yin, static stretching. 

We will flow by twinkle lights, so the space will be relaxing and dark for you to explore your own practice on the mat. 

We welcome all levels. This is a great class for beginners to attend. 


Baby and Me Yoga

Sat 10:45 am

6 week old babies and up!

Baby and Me Yoga is a fun and relaxed class for new parents to bring their babies and toddlers. The poses will be specifically focused on postpartum recovery, reclaiming your body and developing strenth and flexibility. Breathing practices and calming techniques for both you and your child will ease tension and calm you both. You can do poses with your child or if they are old enough they can do them along side you, either way this will be a fun and precious way for you to bond with your little. Enjoy the benefits of group socialization, bonding and the positive energy around you. All levels are welcome! 


Kids Yoga

Tues/Thurs 3:45 pm

5 years an up

Kids love and need yoga just like you do! This is a one hour class full of fun themes, yoga poses, meditations, stories and games! Children benefit from yoga emotionally, physically and mentally just as we do. Teaching our children how to listen to their hearts desires, tune into their inner voice and become aware of their innate wisdom will make this next generation empowered. 

$10 Drop in | 5 classes for $40


Core Yoga

Sun 9:00 AM 

 For proper alignment in poses learning how to engage your core is vital. You will learn ways to engage that core in this class and apply it to all of your poses while also strengthening those muscles. This class is about more than the vanity of the six pack abs or adding a pose into your repertoire. A strong core means a strong spine. Most back pain and posture problems are associated with a weak core. Look at this class as a way to target one area of the body to improve overall wellness. This class is highly encouraged for all.


Yoga for Beginners

Wednesday 4:30pm

This class will get you started on your yoga journey! The pace will be slow enough that you will be able to find alignment and breath. You will slowly learn foundational poses as well as begin to get more flexible. Let yourself learn slowly and methodically. Great for any age, level of yogi!  

Monthly Offering

Infused Yoga

Last Thursday of each month 6:30pm

Join us for a 90 minute yin and yoga nidra class once a month! We will incorporate essential oils and massage you while you relax. Don't miss out and be sure to sign up! 

$10 For Members and 30 day Trial Memberships

$20 for Non-Members 

Free Yoga in the park

First Sunday of each month 10 am

We love our community and we love the outdoors! Taking your practice outside helps you connect with the earth and mother nature. This will be an all levels vinyasa class for everyone to enjoy. Bring your mat, maybe a towel or blanket, wear layers and sunscreen. 

*Check the schedule to confirm the class


Jesselle Peña

Jesselle learned her first asanas from her mother—a bona fide Humboldt County hippie—and began to delve into her own practice when diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager. Drawn to health and healing from an early age, she studied nursing before completing a 200 hour certification program at The Yoga Shack with Tommy and Lori Anderson. Her training gave her a firm grounding in the science of yoga while still embracing the softer spiritual side. She now strives to give this balance to others and help them along their own path of health and wellness. Her teaching style is colored by her playful energy and her belief that yoga is for everyone.

Stacie Reeve

Stacie tried yoga with the intention of improving her flexibility after years of swimming, biking and running. The more she practiced yoga asanas the more she found freedom in her hamstrings, hips, and shoulders — and most importantly, in her life. She embraced the opportunity to live with the flow of ever-changing currents, to pause and breathe, and to see with the vision of friendliness. Stacie received her 500 hour teacher training from YogaWorks in Santa Monica in 2008 and continues to build her practice on that foundation. Every day she learns from her teachers, students, family and friends and, at the same time, has lots of fun, too.


Niccola Nelson

Niccola is a student and teacher of the Ashtanga Yoga method as taught to her by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. She has been studying and practicing in this tradition since 2004 and is excited to bring her love of Ashtanga to the California Central Coast. Niccola is a passionate teacher who approaches yoga in a fun, unique and non-competitive way. She firmly believes in the benefits of a committed, daily yoga practice and hopes to inspire you to find your own path.

Ryah Cooley

Ryah first fell in love with yoga while taking Jeff Porter's invigorating vinyasa classes years ago in San Luis Obispo. As a writer and constant questioner, she welcomes the calm and quiet that yoga brings into her life and seeks to help her students turn off that nagging little voice inside their heads. Ryah has a movement background in gymnastics and aerial dance. She completed her yoga teacher training at Harmony House with Kelly Metcalf in 2015.


Garnet Brittiny

I grew up here on the central coast my whole life.  Alternative healing has always been a true passion for me.  It only seemed to fit perfectly when I took my first yoga class at the age of 15. For what started as a way to relax and calm anxiety, has turned into a lifelong journey of getting to know my true self.  Embracing the romance of the world around us is what I hope to teach you. In my classes you can expect to be nurtured and protected during this sacred practice.

Luana Knowlton 

Luana literally fell into yoga when she injuring her knee and shoulder – and her pride. As she struggled to come to terms with her body, an inner voice whispered “YOGA”. Within six months, she lost weight, gained muscle and found flexibility and balance. Luana’s upbeat personality, calming presence, and kindness will encourage you to listen to the subtle messages of your body to safely work the edges of your strength, flexibility, and energy while deepening your sense of peace and balance. Her classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels, providing detailed instruction and modifications where needed. 


Nicole Chanley

Nicole was fortunate to have been introduced to yoga early in life. Her personal practice began when she was a teenager and eventually led her to persue becoming a yoga teacher. In 2014 Nicole did her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.Yoga began as an activity and form of exercise for Nicole, but transpired into a way ofliving life. Nicole truly believes yoga has something to offer everyone and is excited to share her love of the practice! 


Vanessa began practicing yoga at the age of 18. Despite being intimidated to step into a studio, she joined Harmony House in Pismo Beach, falling in love with the feeling of warmth and acceptance in the yoga community. After three years of practicing, she earned 200-hour certification from Kelly Metcalf. Her practice has sparked her interest in health and the body-mind connection. Her personal mantra reminds her and her students that "yoga is both on and off the mat."


Jessica Daem

Jessica initially began a serious yoga practice while trying to heal from an injury. During the process she noticed vast differences in her mental well being. A trauma survivor, Jess found relief and energetic release from once debilitating panic attacks and migraines which to her, is the most remarkable experience yet. She began with Bikrim yoga which she practiced for a total of four years before Taking Meg Whitney’s 200 hour yoga teacher training, and is currently working towards a five hundred hour certification with LEVITyoga's Peter Stereos. Jess teaches restorative, gentle, and mixed level yoga. No matter what yoga she teaches Jess encourages that a connection with self is essential to healing. Jess believes that when individuals work on the self, this world becomes a better place.

About Yoga Shine


Yoga Shine is a warm, welcoming, inviting yoga home for the Nipomo, Santa Maria and Five Cities communities. We offer a wide range of yoga classes, with instructors trained in many different yoga styles. We’re also home to Nipomo’s only yoga boutique, with a variety of essential yoga supplies and apparel.