Kids Yoga Summer Sessions are almost here!

Guys, I'm so excited about this! Yoga has so many benefits for children, and I can't wait to start this summer camp in just a few days!

Kids Yoga Summer Sessions offer your child an opportunity to play, be active and learn skills to help them be calm during times of stress. Yoga teaches children how to exercise, develop confidence, concentrate better and build self esteem along with self respect. 

This will be a fun filled two hours with yoga, breathing exercises, games and art projects! Feel free to drop the kids off or stay and join in!

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Session 1: ANIMALS: 6/20-6/24
Bring your kids in to learn all the fun yoga poses that are named after animals! Through breathing exercises we can learn how to better tame our inner animals as well as tap into their strength! There will be many fun games, nature inspired art projects as well as some animal sound "singing"! 

Session 2: RAINBOW: 6/ 27-7/1
Color therapy is very helpful with kids to begin to identify their feelings. We will explor the different energy centers in the body along with their colors through the poses and meditation. We will make our own essential oil play dough coloring it to match each chakra color. Playdough and coloring is a great way to keep the hands busy while the minds grow quiet a wonderful way to teach kids to meditate. Through the games and art project we will begin to discuss ways we can communicate feelings and how to handle them when they come bubbling to the surface. 

Session 3: DREAM CATCHER 7/11-7/15
The art of intentions are hard for anyone at any age. Children are naturally full of belief, magic and dreams all things we want them to grow into rather than out of! The kids will begin to learn how to create their intentions and how they can make the world a better place by leaving their mark. We have learned how to connect to our inner animals, we have learned how to express our feelings and maybe why they are happening and now we will learn how to create a world that is brighter by focusing on shinging our light on everything all around us leaving it brighter than before. We will be making intention cards that they can take home and remember along with a dream catcher. 

Each session is 2 hours Monday through Friday for $75, and it's NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP TODAY!

Give your kids the gift of yoga and watch as they transform!