Practice and All is Coming

"Practice and all is coming." -Sri.PJ

Have I mentioned just how much I love brand new yogis? From their jitters in their first class to their shining smiles after their first week! I love their exclamation of "I can reach my toes, I couldn't do that last week!" ah... the joy of the newbie. A tiny flame lit, only to grow and deepen. 

But what about when the honeymoon stage is over? Is it possible that you are NOT progressing? When I hear this doubt from my students, my heart is sad-if they could only see what I see as their teacher.  I have seen the incredible milestones they have conquered and the journey that is ahead of them, if they can just keep going. This moment of doubt, is one that will come and go in our journeys. It is often one that has helped propel me forward once I recommit to my practice. The doubt surfaces often right before an incredible breakthrough. 

How do you get past this stage? Keep going. Keep rolling the mat out. Recommit. Fan that flame and get all shiny once more! 

Ways To Recharge Your Routine:

1. Sign up for classes online: Set an appointment with yourself and plan at least a week in advance. 

2. Tell someone your plan/goal: Keep yourself accountable, let your significant others encourage you to go, and not be an excuse not to go.

3. Get your friends involved: Surround yourself with motivation, inspiration, determination and conversation. 

4. Have a back-up plan: If the day gets away from you, how can you make up for the practice you missed? 

5. Set your intentions: We tend to be more committed to something if we are reaching for something specific.

6. Try something new: When we stagnate we lose interest. Try a new class, try something harder/easier/different! 

7. Practice in the Morning: We tend to have more energy when we wake up, also if you find that you do not have time, then make more by waking up an hour earlier! 

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