Here is a nice hump day stretch for you all

First we round.....

You can do this just about anywhere that has a chair. This is a great way to instantly relieve stress or pent up energy.

How to:

Scoot forward to the edge of your seat and walk your legs as wide as possible. (for the shorties, make sure your feet are on the ground.)

Then fold at the waste and take as much of your upper body in between the legs. 

Next take your arms and wrap them from the inside of the legs under and try to hold onto the back of your heel or even reach your hands as far forward from the outer edge of your foot as you can. 

The more of your shoulder you can tuck under the knees, the deeper the stretch. 

Let your head be as heavy as possible. Stay here for at least 5 breaths. Repeat whenever life gets too rough today. 

Now we open.... 

Slowly come up from the floor... take your time

Stay on the edge of your seat and maybe even scoot further forward so your sit bones are just barely hanging onto the chair. 

Stretch your legs out in front of you getting them mostly straight, point your toes forward and elongate the top of the foot.

Place your hands as flat as you can to the back of your chair, fingers point forward toward your hips. 

On an inhale lift your body up, try to press your toes down and root your hands into the chair. Lift your chin and let your head fall back. You cannot lift too high here so reach your chest and hips UP.

Stay here for as long as you need, this is a deeply recharging pose and can break through the sleepies. Sending deep elongating stretches from the front of the shoulder down to finger tips. A lovely little tingle in the chest lets you know that energy is going straight to the heart. 


Maybe your desk chair swivels or is padded (this might not feel good on the wrists) You can do this on the floor, edge of a couch, a low window sill. Get creative, yoga doesn't have to be perfect!

It can also take quite a bit of strength, to make this easier try keeping the knees bent or perhaps lift up on the inhale and sit down on your exhale and do a few of them versus just holding.