Yoga and Acupuncture Workshop With Cahtryn Aiken

Join Dr. Cathryn Aiken, L.Ac. for an Autumn Yoga Workshop where you will explore the season through Oriental Medicine and Yoga.  Autumn is the season of the lungs and the large intestines. Jesselle will lead you through a gentle- flow linking  breath and movement. She will incorporate pranayama along with yin/restorative poses to open the chest and detoxify the large intestines. Using guided meditation to assimilate the practice. During savasana there will be a gentle acupuncture treatment  for those who desire it, provided by Cathryn. This is the perfect time to sample this wonderful medicine if you haven't yet. For those of you who already enjoy the benefits of both acupuncture and yoga, you can experience them together! This workshop is for all levels. 

$30   -10% off for members

To sign up, go to classes then hit the view schedule button. 

Cathryn took her first yoga clas more than 30 years ago. Although it took her many years to integrate a regular practice, her exporation of yoga continued. She began her studies in alternative medicine in 2001 and earned her degree from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2011 and began incorporating yoga into her medical practice. She believes yoga to be an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining health and often provides one-on-one teaching to her patients. She is co-owner of Arroyo Grande Health and Wellness, where she maintains a Chinese herbal pharmacy and provides acupuncture and custom-blended herbal formulas. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, reading and of course yoga!