September brings us deeper inward



The stage of inner growth that involves inviting in the Light to illuminate our darkness so that understanding, acceptance and unconditional self-love can take place. -Spiritual Alchemy-

Both light and darkness can have its comforting moments and its vital purposes. However living too long in one can create dis-ease and imbalance. We witness the universal shifts this month as we felt what happens when one crosses paths with the other. These shifts are not to be ignored, don't hide from them, accept them with open arms and understanding. Through hard times we climb to the easier path and to enjoy light we must first witness the dark. So it is with our practice on and off the mat. Give yourself freely to the journey, all of the ups and downs of it, shower yourself with compassion along the way. Take this practice off the mat, give yourself freely to your friends and family and shower them with compassion and love along the way.


September Announcements:

Big Bear Yoga Festival

October 13-15

Big Bear hosts a FREE yoga festival every year and we are going! If you are interested in carpooling or staying with some of the members who are attending let Jesselle know and she will get you in contact with them! 


Back-To-School-Yoga Deal

-Still going on until September 17th!-

5 class pass $50 ($10 savings)

10 Class pass $95 ($15 savings)

Guru Membership $75 ($10 savings PER MONTH)


Acupuncture Clinic Cancelled

We will no longer be doing the Acupuncture clinic but will be switching back to doing our seasonal yoga and acupuncture starting in October!


Yoga Mala: 108 Sun Salutations

September 16th 8 AM


Our Autumn Equinox, when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Our bodies begin to rest more. Crave a deeper sense of being. We cling towards our loved ones and burrow in for the winter. This particular equinox also falls so close to a new moon which lends to new beginnings and intentions. Let us celebrate and welcome this change with 108 Sun Saluations. This practice that is anchored in tradition will unite our yoga community through the power of moving mediation. 

Join Yoga Shine as we do 9 rounds of 12 salutations with savasana in between each round. There will be plenty of time and as always you may feel free to sit out a round, mediate or go at your own pace. We look forward to honoring this tradition with you all! 


September Infused Yoga: Foundation

September 28th 6:30pm

"The deeper the roots the higher the tree can climb"


Journey with us throughthe lower Chakras to cultivate a strong foundation. We will use restorative yoga poses with accompanying oils to promote grounding, creativity and inner strength.

Oils: Clove, Cassia, Peppermint, Cypress, Vetiver and Balance Blend


Members $5 | Non-Members $20

10% off all essential oil purchases! 


Raise The Vibration Staycation Weekend


Saturday September 30th 1-3 pm

Raise the Vibration: Healing the Inner Divisiveness

With more than 1 in 10 Americans on antidepressants, suicide the number one killer of teens, and addiction running rampant, our country is unsuccessfully navigating the inner human journey. This multifaceted workshop, consisting of live music and meditation, has helped so many achieve fulfillment through surrendering their resistance to being human.



Saturday September 30th 5-8pm

Women's Circle and Potluck

Join the women of your community to surrender what may be holding you back and consciously create the month ahead. Through visualization, journaling, sharing, and powerful conversation, the circle guides women to connect with the healing power of the feminine.

$10 donation and bring a dish to share if you like!


Sunday October 1st 9-11 am

Living Metamorphosis Chakra Workshop

Celebrate life as an opportunity for constant transformation by using the chakras (subtle energies) as an effective roadmap to self-awareness and intrinsic power. Balance energetic instabilities and liberate your authentic self through postures and meditations specific to each chakra.



Sunday October 1st 5:15-7:15 pm

Aroma yin and massage

Each restorative and yin pose is enhanced with the inhalation of therapeutic-grade essential oils, chakra meditations, reiki, and massage to melt the body into sweet surrender.



You can purchase the whole weekend for $90

($15 savings)

If you sign up by September 23rd you will receive early bird pricing! 

$25 dollars a workshop ($10 savings)

$65 for the whole weekend ($40 savings!)


About the instructors:

Anne-Margaret and Anthony are a husband and wife team devoted to Raising The Vibration of the planet. They work with A-list celebrities, five-star hotels, and fortune 500 companies, providing wellness services designed to enhance the home and work environment. Since 2009, their yoga studio, The Giving Tree, has significantly raised the vibration of the most culturally diverse community in the world. After leading retreats and teaching workshops internationally in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, they now turn their focus homeward to a very divided nation. On May 15th, Anne-Margaret and Anthony began a 30-city US tour to Raise The Vibration of America. Spending one week in each city/town, they will work with local communities, teaching workshops on how to heal inner and communal divisiveness. 

Nicknamed "The Sunshine Goddess" by the Huffington Post, Anne-Margaret Redding is 'a genuinely inspiring person who takes advantage of every nanosecond to make a difference in the lives of others.' In addition to owning and operating a NYC yoga studio, Anne-Margaret is an international speaker, celebrity personal trainer, accomplished composer, spoken word artist, musician, and Interfaith minister. She is creator the Total Training Workout™, Chakra Yoga Teacher Training™, MMAD FEST™ (Musicians Making A Difference Festival),

Anthony Wood is certified in Kundalini Yoga (Hari Kaur), Chakra Yoga (Giving Tree), and a licensed massage therapist with over ten years experience in 5 Star, 5 Diamond Hotels (Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton). A graduate of the Swedish Institute, Anthony combines yoga and massage specializing in Deep Tissue Neuromuscular massage therapy with certifications in Pre-Natal and Thai massage. From an Eastern perspective, his work is heavily influenced by Taoist principles, Shiatsu, meditation and yoga. His Western influences include Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reflexology. 

These amazing people are traveling through America to "Raise the vibration of the planet!" and they will be coming through Nipomo to our beautiful studio for one weekend only!

Halfway Through The Week, You Got this

Happy Wednesday to you all. It is interesting just how much the "half-way-point" can be such a sense of relief sometimes. I hope you are feeling some of the pressure being removed from you and some release of stress today. 

Here is a stretch I LOVE to do ever so much. Especially if you feel fatigue in the entire spine.

You can do this sitting, kneeling or standing. 

Inhale your arms up over your head, bend your elbows and grab ahold of each elbow with your fingers. Take notice of which hand is closer to the wall in front of you, so you can switch arms the second time through. Begin to pull the elbows toward the wall behind you. Perhaps bring your chin down for a breath and then try to lift it up as high off the chest as you can. Keep pulling the elbows back as you breathe slowly. Then lean to the right, look up. Lean to the left look up. 

As you come back to the center and look forward. Take a deep breath in and rise to your tippy toes, on the exhale release your arms out to the sides as far as you can reach. Wrap you arms under your legs and crawl your fingers as close to the elbows as you can reach, let your head hang. Stay here for 3-5 breaths. 

Repeat as often as you want! 

Happy Hump Day To You All!

This stretch is a favorite of mine and I find myself doing it nearly every day. There is a bit of a twist which releases the lower back and the shoulder stretch here is just enough to break free from some of the stress that binds us all up. 

You can do this sitting or standing! 

To begin:

Sit towards the front of your chair and take your feet hip width or maybe wider. Reach down with your right hand and grab hold of your big right toe (or ankle, whatever you can). Press the back of the right arm against the inside of the right leg and knee. Take your left hand to the top of your left knee and press as you lift your chest up, look up. 

Take it further, extend your left hand to the air and try to get your fingertips to touch the ceiling.

Take it further with a half bind, flip your left palm to face behind you, bend your elbow and slide the back of your hand down the small of your back, reaching your fingertips towards your hip crease or perhaps your inner thigh

Option 1                                          Option 2: extended                    Option 3: half bind 

Option 1                                          Option 2: extended                    Option 3: half bind 

How to do the half bind 

How to do the half bind 

To do this without a chair you will stand with your feet hip distance and forward fold. Bending both of your knees, reach your right hand to the inside of your right foot, anywhere near the big toe (I even like to hook the big toe like I did when sitting). Bend your right knee till you can press back of your arm to your knee. 

Inhale your left arm up to the sky and straighten out your left leg as much as your body will allow. You will feel this in the hips in such a glorious way! However the shoulders are still getting some love, go deeper and create that half bind here as well. 

Here is a nice hump day stretch for you all

First we round.....

You can do this just about anywhere that has a chair. This is a great way to instantly relieve stress or pent up energy.

How to:

Scoot forward to the edge of your seat and walk your legs as wide as possible. (for the shorties, make sure your feet are on the ground.)

Then fold at the waste and take as much of your upper body in between the legs. 

Next take your arms and wrap them from the inside of the legs under and try to hold onto the back of your heel or even reach your hands as far forward from the outer edge of your foot as you can. 

The more of your shoulder you can tuck under the knees, the deeper the stretch. 

Let your head be as heavy as possible. Stay here for at least 5 breaths. Repeat whenever life gets too rough today. 

Now we open.... 

Slowly come up from the floor... take your time

Stay on the edge of your seat and maybe even scoot further forward so your sit bones are just barely hanging onto the chair. 

Stretch your legs out in front of you getting them mostly straight, point your toes forward and elongate the top of the foot.

Place your hands as flat as you can to the back of your chair, fingers point forward toward your hips. 

On an inhale lift your body up, try to press your toes down and root your hands into the chair. Lift your chin and let your head fall back. You cannot lift too high here so reach your chest and hips UP.

Stay here for as long as you need, this is a deeply recharging pose and can break through the sleepies. Sending deep elongating stretches from the front of the shoulder down to finger tips. A lovely little tingle in the chest lets you know that energy is going straight to the heart. 


Maybe your desk chair swivels or is padded (this might not feel good on the wrists) You can do this on the floor, edge of a couch, a low window sill. Get creative, yoga doesn't have to be perfect!

It can also take quite a bit of strength, to make this easier try keeping the knees bent or perhaps lift up on the inhale and sit down on your exhale and do a few of them versus just holding. 

Yoga and Acupuncture Workshop With Cahtryn Aiken

Join Dr. Cathryn Aiken, L.Ac. for an Autumn Yoga Workshop where you will explore the season through Oriental Medicine and Yoga.  Autumn is the season of the lungs and the large intestines. Jesselle will lead you through a gentle- flow linking  breath and movement. She will incorporate pranayama along with yin/restorative poses to open the chest and detoxify the large intestines. Using guided meditation to assimilate the practice. During savasana there will be a gentle acupuncture treatment  for those who desire it, provided by Cathryn. This is the perfect time to sample this wonderful medicine if you haven't yet. For those of you who already enjoy the benefits of both acupuncture and yoga, you can experience them together! This workshop is for all levels. 

$30   -10% off for members

To sign up, go to classes then hit the view schedule button. 

Cathryn took her first yoga clas more than 30 years ago. Although it took her many years to integrate a regular practice, her exporation of yoga continued. She began her studies in alternative medicine in 2001 and earned her degree from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2011 and began incorporating yoga into her medical practice. She believes yoga to be an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining health and often provides one-on-one teaching to her patients. She is co-owner of Arroyo Grande Health and Wellness, where she maintains a Chinese herbal pharmacy and provides acupuncture and custom-blended herbal formulas. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, reading and of course yoga!

Center Yourself On Gratitude


"If you have only one breath left, use it to say thank you." 

-Pam Brown


If for every "I want" you met with an "I have." 

If for every "I need" you replaced with an "I am blessed." 

For every "I regret" you switched to "I learned"

For every "When I finally...." you realized instead "I am here."


I am grateful to be here. Center yourself here in your gratitude and watch as you bloom into the life you are creating. 

Upcoming Event: September Infused Yoga!

September 29th 6:30 pm

"The deeper the roots, the higher the tree can grow."

We will journey through the lower Chakras to cultivate a strong physical and emotional foundation. The root chakra is the root of your being and establishes a connection with your physical body, environment and earth. We will use restorative and yin yoga poses to connect you to your lower chakras with the accompanying oils to promote grounding, creativity and inner strength. 

Oils: Clove, Cassia, Peppermint, Cypress, Vetiver and Balance Blend. 

Members $5

Non-Members $20

10% off all essential oil purchases that evening 

New Teachers!

We hired some new instructors this month!

Nicole Chanley - Sunday 5:15 pm, Restorative Yoga

Nicole was fortunate to have been introduced to yoga early in life. Her personal practice began when she was a teenager and eventually led her to persue becoming a yogateacher. In 2014 Nicole did her 200-hour YogaTeacher Training with Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara.

Yoga began as an activity and form of exercise for Nicole, but transpired into a way of living life. The physical aspects of yoga teach us so much about ourselves, both physically and mentally. Yoga shows us the importance of showing up, being present and taking care of ourselves. Nicole truly believes yoga has something to offer everyone and is excited to share her love of the practice!

Garnet Brittiny - Monday 8pm, Yang to Yin

I grew up here on the central coast my whole life. Alternative healing has always been a true passion for me. It only seemed to fit perfectly when I took my first yogaclass at the age of 15. For what started as a way to relax and calm anxiety, has turned into a lifelong journey of getting to know my true self. I began practicing yoga with my grandmother. She taught me that in this life we have to learn faith and divine knowledge to help guide us on the correct path. It wasn't until she introduced me to yoga that I truly understood this philosophy. Sometimes this journey will seem scary where there is the unknown. Yoga has taught me to embrace this unknown with a deep rooted sense of curiosity. Embracing the romance of the world around us is what I hope to teach you. In my classes you can expect to be nurtured and protected during this sacred practice. 

Abby Bio - Thursday 6:30pm, Restorative; and 8 pm, Candle Flow

Abby was introduced to yoga when she was searching for alternative ways to ease stress and pain caused by Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus. She knew that she had found something incredible when she would end practice crying because she had released so many emotions. 

It had always been a dream of her to do a yoga teacher training and spread the immeasurable benefits that yoga provides. In 2016 Abby completed her 200 hour teacher training at Harmony House. Yoga has taught her to honor her path, body and mind. Yoga is a life changing practice that she loves to share with her students. 

What If I Told You...

What if I told you that every word spoken was spoken for you to hear - even the words you overhear in the coffee shop? 

What if I told you that every moment was building the next?

The 60-second holdup at the red light was planned for you. 

Every sight your eyes take in - the color of a leaf, the shape of a key, the look on a stranger's face - feeds your library of knowledge. 

Would you pay more attention? 

Consider yourself told.


Shala is the Sanskrit word meaning "home" or "abode." A yoga shall is a "place of yoga." It is a gathering place for students of traditional yoga to practice, share, experience and grow.

Walk in and slip the shoes off that carry the fifth of the day. Slowly peel off the layers of clothes/purse/worries that weight us all down. Grab your mat, your lifeline and walk quietly in. The floor is smooth to the feet as you tread gently, not wanting to disturb any part of this peace that you are longing to absorb. Watching the mat unroll you take a deep breath in, anticipating what the next hour holds. An hour of quiet. An hour of solitude amongst a community. An hour where every part of your body mind and soul becomes connected, stronger, more flexible. This is your home. This is where your soul is allowed to be free.

This is your yoga shala. 

I have created the space, painted the walls and given you the cubbies for your things. But you create the shala. This space is no different from your living room or a gym. There is no altar, picture of someone holy, this place has not been blessed by someone or prayed over, no magic incantations that block out the stress that we live with. You create that shala by your actions, by your conscious effort to leave the rest of your day outside. 

We have had many who say that those four walls are a sanctuary to them, just walking into the room they are at peace. We have many who treat this room just like its any other room. Walking in with shoes on and phones ringing. Talking energetically about their day and all they have to do and every moment that has already taken place. Flinging their mats on the ground with a loud crack. Complaining about how hard the class might be, complaining about the teacher or sub, complaining about the dirt on the floors that they just drug in, complaining about the temperature, the light, the noise, the person in their spot......... actually my living room is quieter than that. And a gym is easier to disappear in. 

The yoga teacher in me tells my shala students, you create the shala. Go deeper inside, away from the distractions and noise, find your peace. Anyone can mediate in a peaceful environment, but the yogi can create a peaceful mind in a chaotic environment. The studio owner in me wants to help the students who are unaware of their actions find that shala. Once their eyes are open to it, they will not want to rob it from their friend next to them. 

Yoga shine is all about community, friendship and no pretenses. We are open and welcoming to all belief systems and want everyone to feel comfortable and safe under our roof. There is studio etiquette that is standard in nearly all yoga studios. These guidelines are there to assist students in creating that yoga shala.

Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early — the doors lock when the class begins
  • Sign in at the front desk
  • Voice your concerns with the teacher before and after the class but not during.
  • You will be permitted to enter if your are up to 5 minutes late. Please come in as quietly and quickly as you can, setting yourself in the back of the room. 
  • Remove your shoes and socks and place them out of the way in the cubbies or along the wall in the lobby
  • Turn your phones off,  set them on "do not disturb," or don't bring them in
  • Put purses, mat bags, jackets (unless needed) keys in a cubby (you might have to share a cubby, if this bothers you leave everything in your car except for your key)
  • Walk quietly into the studio and place your mat in the front row allowing the space behind you to fill as others come in after you.
  • Gather whatever supplies your teacher has laid out or written on the chalk board on the door. 
  • Begin to clear your mind and get ready for your practice. If you need to have a conversation please come back to the lobby or step outside to the patio. 
  • Sit up, facing forward when the teacher walks in, showing them that you are ready for them to lead you through your practice.